Pirate Link is a singleplayer game about a pirate that is trying to save his ship from the monsters. You have to tie your rope to different objects to use it for catching the enemies. Also, you have to be careful because if you go too far away from the object, the rope can break. 

There are bosses, upgrades, potions and abilities!

The game has controller support too that works perfectly on WebGL too. On a keyboard, use WASD to control the character. 1-4 numbers are for potions/abilities and the T button is the pause. And that's all, the controls are as simple as that!


Pixel Arts: 

- Pixel Frog

- Lynda Mc Donald

- LuizMelo

- Kronovi-

- Narik The Artist

- Zacksly

- Ark


- Shane Ivers (The Buccaneer's Haul)

- Ross Bugden (Pirate Crew)

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